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Asnaf provides turnkey solutions for façade systems. It is engaged in the production of aluminium façade systems, assembly, painting, and installation of the finished systems as well as offering complete after-sales customer services. Apart from that, Asnaf-Alkon Group offers full scale construction- and capital refurbishment services.

The first façade system employing aluminium and glass materials in Azerbaijan was installed at the International Bank of Azerbaijan in 1994. At the time, there was still a lot of skeptism regarding these innovate systems but over the years the undeniable superiority of Aluminium based materials compared to traditional materials such as cement, sand, bricks, etc has converted more and more people, organization and government institutions. This has led to a strong and rising demand for the type of products offered by Asnaf. The advantage of Alcopon over conventional materials such as wood or PVC is better insulation, preventing the penetration of dampness allowing for more energy efficient temperature regulation, much higher fire-resistance than other façade materials, durability and other advantages.

Aluminium we receive (aluminium profiles) varies from its predecessors by chemical composition, thickness of panels and structural configuration. At the plant a so-called iso-aluminium profile is assembled from two multi-cell profiles, which are isolated from each other by means of a special thermo-bridge, which creates isolation of internal and external parts of the profile. But first of all, raw profiles pass through several steps of chemical linkage treatment via thermo-bridge and color paint. After all this they are sent to assembly department where transformed into façade systems. The most difficult part in the whole process is color paint of the profiles. That is why we bought Italian equipment that was installed and arranged by European specialists. This type of equipment does not have any analogues not only in Azerbaijan but also in other post-Soviet Republics. The highest color paint quality of production is achieved with the help of this unique equipment.

One of recent directions of the Company’s activity is façade mounting of the building using aluminium composite material (Alcopon). Differently called in different countries – Alpolic (Japan), Alubond (Germany), Alucobond (Turkey), etc. this material consists of two compressed by a special glue aluminium films of particular color. At the plant these films are cut, bent and turned into different geometrical figures according to the project. Then they are sent to the sites for mounting. Being an inalienable element of modern world architecture, aluminium composite panels, covering façade of the building prevents penetration of dampness, cold and warmth inside the edifice. Buildings, planked by this material are freed from endless façade renovations for dozens of years.

There is staff of 150 employees working in the production facility, which covers three hectares and consists of façade production facilities of façade systems, a glass shop, a welding floor, a work area for final assembly as well as a chemical treatment and paint coating department.

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